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Prairie Queen Agridrone Solutions is partnered with Agri Spray Drones.  Get all the perks of the largest DJI Agras dealer in the nation with the personalized support of a local dealer.  

DJI Agras Drones

Get to know the newest DJI Agras models that we offer.  

Why buy from PQAS?

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Top of the Line Tech- DJI Agras drones are the most advanced spray drones on the market. We have the Agras T40 IN STOCK TODAY!  Learn about the NEW Agras T20p or T50 today!

Training & Demos- We want you to feel comfortable with your drone before you start spraying. We offer comprehensive demonstrations and as commercial applicators we have thousands of acres of first hand experience to share with you.  

We're here after the Sale- Need help in season? Call. After the season we can go over your drone and make any necessary repairs.

Parts & Service- We stock drones & parts.  We also have the knowledge & experience to help get you back in the air as quickly as possible.

Used Packages- interested in used equipment? While we don't sell used drones, we can help partner you with used drones and go over the drone so you can be 'flight ready'

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