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Liquid Applications

Below are the main liquid application services we provide.  Don't see something you would like us to do?  Just ask, we would love to work with you!

Corn, Soy & Wheat Fungicide Applications

Traditionally helicopters & airplanes have been the preferred method for fungicide applications.  While these methods cover more acres per day, we would like to fill the gaps that they often leave behind!



  • On-Demand, Local Service: other services have acre minimums, so farmers are often forced to apply outside the crop optimal window or not at all.  PQAS only serves NE Missouri, so we are more timely with our applications.

  • More Effective: Small fields or multiple obstructions around or within field boundaries prevent uniform application across fields with choppers/planes. Our DJI Agras can access area that they simply cannot.

  • Better Coverage:  Drones fly closer to the crop canopy at slower speeds.  The propellers also help the product penetrate & cover the canopy more effectively

  • Product Flexibility:  We can supply product or you can bring your own!

Wheat Head Scab Application

Head Scab can be detrimental to yields.  After variety selection, picking the proper fungicide & applying right at flowering (Feekes 10.5) is critical to maximize protection.  Let us help you protect your grain quality & yield.      

Aquatic Applications


We are licensed to help you eliminate aquatic pests. Irrigation lakes to recreational ponds, let us clean up lilypads or other aquatic weeds for you.  Depending on severity of infestation, please know that multiple applications may be required in order to protect marine life.

Small Acre & Spot Spraying

We can clean up trouble areas and small acreages, including but not limited to:

  • Missed spots along field edges

  • Unplanted areas

  • Waterways 

  • Fence Rows

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