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Current & Future Pioneer Customers

Products & Services


Pioneer Brand Seed 

Prairie Queen Ag has partnered with Pioneer to offer Corn, Soybeans, Wheat & Milo.  For 97 years, Pioneer has developed and tested products to meet local challenges. Our leading products are protected by traits and technologies to maximize the genetic and yield potential of your Pioneer® brand seed


Custom Soybean Treatment

Our standard treatment includes: 

  1. Fungicides: Lumitreo (3-way), metalaxyl & L-2030G 2-way biofungicide 

  2. Gaucho insecticide

  3. 120+ Inoculant

  4. Seed Finisher/planter flowability aid

Add Ons:

1. Ilevo HL for your SDS and SCN concerns 

2. Lumiderm: NEW Insecticide to reduce gaps & help manured fields with seedcorn maggot pressure


Yield Monitor Calibration

'Good Data in Equals Good Data Out' is a phrase heard all the time in technology.  We offer complimentary calibration to our customers.  Give us a call this fall!


Seed Tenders

No tender, no problem! Prairie Queen Ag has seed tenders for customer use and our fleet is growing each year.  We also offer bulk delivery to the farm and field!

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