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Digital Services

Technology is always evolving and Prairie Queen Ag, LLC is here to offer cutting edge services to our customers.


Granular Insights

Make Your Data work for You

A one stop shop for planning & data management.  Map fields, enter planting, as-applied & harvest data. The more data you enter, the more 'insights' Granular can offer.  Granular also lets you choose & share data with anyone you deem as a trusted advisor.

Custom Drone Imagery

Stand Counts & Imagery

It hard to find time to walk every field. With our drone services we can fly over and immediately paint a picture of what's going on in your fields.  Early in the season, we can take corn & soybean stand counts. Mid & late season, we can gather imagery & monitor any areas of concern.

Planting Rx's

Make the Most of your Inputs

We can create planting scripts to help reduce seeding rates in poor areas and increase them where we can crank yield levels.  Seed is expensive, let's optimize it.

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