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Trey & Shelby Neill

Owners, Prairie Queen Ag LLC & Prairie Queen Agridrone Solutions LLC

Shelby Neill:  Started Prairie Queen Ag in 2016.  Primary Duties: Bookkeeping & Seed Sales.  Before PQA, Shelby worked in Corporate and Retail Ag Sales. 

Trey Neill:  Joined Prairie Queen Ag in 2021.  Primary Duties: Agridrone Solutions, Digital Sales/Services, Head Seed Shuffler.  Before PQA, Trey worked for SN Partners & managed an ag retail location.   

Trey & Shelby were married in 2020 and welcomed their son, Carson, in 2021.  They both grew up on farms with a passion for agriculture.  That shared interest has made working together and growing the businessnot only a labor or love but fun as well.  

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