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Trey & Shelby Neill

Owners, Prairie Queen Ag LLC & Prairie Queen Agridrone Solutions LLC

Shelby Neill:  Started Prairie Queen Ag in 2016.  Primary Duties: Bookkeeping & Seed Sales.  Before PQA, Shelby worked in Corporate and Retail Ag Sales. 

Trey Neill:  Joined Prairie Queen Ag in 2021.  Primary Duties: Agridrone Solutions, Digital Sales/Services, Head Seed Shuffler.  Before PQA, Trey worked for SN Partners & managed an ag retail location.   

Trey & Shelby were married in 2020 and welcomed their son, Carson, in 2021.  Their newest addition, Aubrey was welcomed to the family in Fall 2023.  They both grew up on farms with a passion for agriculture.  That shared interest has made working together and growing the business not only a labor or love but fun as well.  

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